Provided Service

Web & CRM Development

Tanweer is a company that provides its services for students who aim to study abroad and for people looking for touristic & investment services. The company needed a software to manage its business processes and elevate its customer services experience. 

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The Solution

A customised Website with a CRM software

The automation that the CRM provides for a business like Tanweer leaded to a higher level of customer satisfaction and lower level of misfunctioning.

 Faster response rate
Streamlined business processes 
 Higher customer retention rate 
Lower mis-functioning rate
Fast access to info 
Business growth

Automated processes for Business Growth

All users have access to a entered data base where they can view, edit, and add clients and follow up process progress. 

  • Add/ edit/ view clients records
  • Monitor dashboard
  • One place to manage all client-related tasks


Post Service Support 

Our journey doesn't end when delivering the project. We care of how the client has benefits the website. That's why we provided:

  • Tutorial video & Manuals for website management
  • 6-Month Free support 
  • Website maintenance