About Us


DastN is a company specialized in IT Consulting, Software Develop , Digital Marketing, Branding and E- commerce In addition, DastN is an integrated IT service provider that uses modern communication technology and online data processing for corporate management and, in particular, the development of innovative marketing concepts. In addition, it offers Its clients easier access to individually customized application programs and adapted standard software, which form a toolbox for all business purposes and corporate tasks it is also offers solutions like CRM , Cloud , ERP and HRMS solutions (Human resource management system)

DastN bases its range of services on two pillars:


  • An IT and EDP infrastructure that is always state-of-the-art and enables  developments for all common network structures, operating systems and standard application software, as well as offering special solutions corresponding interfaces at short notice, with the focus on all technical requirements and forms of the E-Marketing lies.
  • A team of highly qualified, industry-experienced and flexible employees and cooperation partners who do justice to all tasks, from web design for the homepage to a complete company network.


DastN creation has started in 2019 in Berlin, Germany, and was officially registered at the European Union Intellectual Property office. 

Our company provides services in different technical aspects, mainly in Web presence, Custom Software Development, Software engineering, Software implementation, System integration, Media design, E-marketing, and programming. 

Our Business IDEA

Why DastN

  • The permanent motto of DastN is to constantly develop and create different business environments , This is the dream of many entrepreneurs

  • Integrating modern technology in marketing and business by providing companies with easy-to-use applications and software that form a suite of tools to accompany any business to run and expand. 

  • Finding comprehensive solutions and implement them accurately to ensure success and continuity. 

  • Focusing on search engine optimization (SEO)- One of the least understood and least transparent aspects of successful marketing. A more valuable, less invasive way to earn clients. 

  • Analyzing clients' needs, implementing their recommendations, and providing them with the best solutions that suit their requirements and aspirations 

  • Ensuring safe and secure data solutions with the flexibility to add applications as the client company grows 

  • Establishing a solid and reliable administrative basis by obtaining international licenses and certificates related to work quality and efficiency and following strict policies to maintain the desired work culture, healthy environment, and sustainable development goals. 

  • Focusing on technical expansion, building an interactive business entity that matches the highest standards and administrative methods, and adopting various widespread languages, with the possibility of adding all needed languages in later stages. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to merge modern technology in marketing and business to expand companies and create a healthy work culture where all are equal and even- offering opportunities to embark for enthusiastic individuals without any discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, or belief. As a team of professionals, our only focus is on the quality of our performance and clients' satisfaction


Our Vision

DastN vision is to inaugurate digitalization to support the growth of companies and individuals and be the substance of their success through amalgamate our modern solutions and ideas in their businesses. We aim to become pioneers in building a modern digitalized business community.


Our Value


We chose creativity as one of our values as it is the core of our work. Adding a mixture of curiosity, passion, knowledge, and dedication is the X factor that assures sustainable success. In DastN, We seek creativity, appreciate, and enjoy it. 


Privacy is a currency that rose in value in the current era. In DastN, we appreciate everyone's privacy and consider it a delicate and non-negotiable issue. We strive to provide the highest possible levels of data privacy assurance for customers' or users' data. 


Picking Integration as a value for DastN comes from our belief that the IT business' value flows from the combination of applications and data; they are the yin and yang of information technology. Yet, companies seem to use many different applications and store data in several forms. Getting the most from this diversity often requires connecting things in intelligent ways. In other words, Integration.  


Our interest in thoroughness comes out of our passion for quality. We are giving attention to details no matter how small it is to guarantee pure excellent results. We seek thoroughness, and we believe that tiny details count in the scale of success; therefore, we put it on the top of our values. 


The term of professionalism is the expression of responsibility, integrity, excellence, and accountability. At all times, we will take the pro approach as our way of performance and delivery. We value professionalism because our clients deserve nothing less. 

Social Responsibility

Like all leading companies, DastN takes on the duty to contribute to community service and provide public benefit and knowledge on fixed foundations. At the forefront of its commitment comes the training of students whose field of study and competence intersects with us, providing advice and assistance to students in their projects and participates in them until their finish. Furthermore, it is possible to choose the elite between them to be within the framework. Moreover, the students will get training certificates from DastN, or in specific words DastN Academy. 

In addition to pursuing the UN Sustainable Development Goals by supporting charities and charitable projects and contributing to all international events and human cases. As detailed in our strategies, we will miss no chance to perform in our community, considering ourselves a power that moves society forward. 

Ceo's Message

The role of technology has proven its importance since humankind's existence. It was always a game-changer, and it will always be since we all know that the only constant in technology is change.  

Therefore, we chose to operate in the IT field as we are passionate about technology and business. We set our sights on merging technology in business to assist companies and institutes to achieve ever-growing success. 

DastN has been established on a solid and reliable administrative basis through obtaining licensing and international certificates. All in the interest of quality and efficiency of provided services. Also, we are working to build a distinctive way of performance based on providing solutions to our customers that will bridge the gap between offer and demand in the market. And we chose to operate primarily in the German market believing in the digital revolution that is about to occur in Germany.  

DastN will provide a refined business concept by focusing on the human value of each step we take. We are establishing a company on humanitarian grounds in the interest of human development. 

On behalf of our team, I want to thank our customers and partners for putting their trust in DastN and our ability to deliver excellence. 


Adam Sulaiman. 

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