Physical Penetration Testing

Our team will attempt to bypass or defeat physical security controls to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities to improve the overall security posture of the organization.

Physical Penetration Testing is another technical cybersecurity service that we offer to our clients. It involves simulating a physical attack on the association's physical security controls, similar as buildings, offices, data centers, and other physical means.Our team of expert cybersecurity professionals will seek to bypass or beat physical security controls, similar as access controls, surveillance systems, admonitions, and other measures, using varied ways and tools. This may involve social engineering tactics, physical manipulation, lock picking, and other physical intrusion manners. 

The aim of Physical Penetration Testing is to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the association's physical security controls, and give recommendations to ameliorate the overall security posture of the association. After the Physical Penetration Testing is complete, we give a detailed report outlining the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that were identified, as well as recommendations for how to remediate them. We also provide guidance on how to ameliorate the association's physical security posture and degrade the threat of future attacks. Physical Penetration Testing is an important element of any comprehensive security program because physical security controls are just as critical as cyber security controls in guarding an association's assets. By dissembling a physical attack, our clients can identify failings that may not be apparent through other types of testing, similar as vulnerability assessments or penetration testing. 

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