Odoo Enterprise One App

In the first type of pricing, One App, any one Odoo ERP application is completely free for an unlimited number of users. This option is useful to explore Odoo and later you can purchase more apps. It is definitely great and the free plan is endorsed by several companies. You can choose any app from the Odoo apps in this plan. You can even have  Odoo Studio module for a free app. Another added benefit of the One App plan is that you can also purchase associated apps of your choice. This means that if you choose an application based on other applications, you will get the associated module. Looking at the examples, the Ecommerce module depends on the Websites and Invoicing module, and the Timesheet module is closely related to the Project module. As a result, you will have free access to the necessary applications.

It's a great experience to buy any app for free for unlimited users. Additionally, you'll be able to upgrade the free One App plan to a Standard or Custom plan. To do this, you just need to install the additional applications that you need. If you install the Odoo Studio module or include companies in your database, you will automatically upgrade to the custom plan. 

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