How does Odoo make money?

Odoo is an open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that is available to use for free under the GNU Affero General Public License. Despite being a free and open-source software, Odoo generates revenue through various means.

  1. Enterprise Edition: Odoo offers an enterprise edition of its software, which includes additional features and services that are not available in the community edition. The enterprise edition is available on a subscription basis, and the subscription fees generate revenue for the company.

  2. Customization and Integration Services: Odoo provides customization and integration services to its customers for their specific needs. These services include customization of existing modules or developing new ones, integrating Odoo with other systems, and providing support and maintenance services. The company charges for these services, which also generates revenue.

  3. Training and Certification: Odoo offers training and certification programs for its software. These programs are designed to educate users about the software and its features, and to help them become experts in using it. The company charges for these programs, which generates revenue.

  4. Apps and Themes: Odoo has an app store and a theme store that offer additional functionalities and designs for the software. The company charges for some of these apps and themes, which generates revenue.

  5. Partnerships: Odoo has a partnership program that allows third-party companies to sell and implement Odoo software to their customers. Odoo earns revenue through commissions from these partners.

In summary, Odoo makes money through a combination of enterprise edition subscriptions, customization and integration services, training and certification programs, app and theme sales, and partnerships. Despite being open-source, Odoo is a profitable company that continues to invest in the development and improvement of its software.

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