Odoo Enterprise Custom 

The third is custom pricing, which is mainly recommended for deploying Odoo on Odoo.sh or on-premises. It is higher than Standard and this price is very pleasant for companies that operate on a multi-company basis, to be able to customize more or to require more third-party applications. Here you different have user based pricing. There is a notable price difference in Odoo's new pricing feature. The main difference between the standard plan and the custom plan is that the custom plan is for the type of business that really wants to run multiple businesses on one database. And also requires more customization through Odoo Studio and other custom development using Odoo.sh, either on-premises or through an external API.

The main attraction of the Standard and Custom Odoo plan is that the Odoo platform allows all apps to be used - over 70 apps and modules for one price.

Depending on the country or region, the custom price also notices the difference. In the custom model, prices start at 10.90/20.40/29.90. In the US/UK and a few other countries, the price will be $29.90 per month. If you look at UAE/Saudi Arabia and some other countries, the price will be $20.40. In India/Srilanka/Pakistan you will see a cost of $10.90 per month.

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