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Web Development

Fadi Nameh Dental Lab is a business that provides a wide range of leading cosmetic and treatment solutions, using high techs and latest dental trends. The business required a website to show its work and reach a wider segment of clients all over the world.

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A screenshot of Fadi Nameh's Dental Lab website homepage
A screenshot of Fadi Nameh Dental Lab Provided services
A screenshot of Fadi Nameh's Dental Lab previous works Gallery
The Solution

A customised Website with a Photo Gallery

It's important for a business that provides treatment & cosmetic solutions to provide visual portfolio for its clients to have an overview of what to expect. This is why we implemented a gallery page for the Dental Lab to present samples of the Lab work, in addition to other pages:

 Home page
Contact Us
Special services

Seamless interfaces, Smooth experience.

We made sure to create an excellent customer journey throughout the website using the 3-click strategy to optimise website performance. In addition to using appealing designs and organised structure.

  • User-Friendly interfaces
  • SEO Optimised
  • Fast loading

A website interface for Fadi Nameh's Dental Lab Services
A website interface for Fadi Nameh's Dental Lab contact form

Post Service Support 

Our journey doesn't end when delivering the project. We care of how the client has benefits the website. That's why we provided:

  • Tutorial video & Manuals for website management
  • 6-Month Free support 
  • Website maintenance