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Branding &Web Development

Damsino is a fast food restaurant in Germany. The restaurant need exposer for its tasty food and online presence to provide a better experience & accessibility for its clients.

Trostberg, Germany
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A screenshot of Damsino's pizza menu on their website
A screenshot of Damsino's Baverage menu on their website
A screenshot of Damsino's online order on their website
The Solution

Odoo website with E-Shop and online payment

The easier the process of ordering food is, the higher the level of satisfaction will be. This why we designed a website with appealing interfaces, and easy-to-use ordering process using the Website & eCommerce app from Odoo with all needed modules.

 Home page
Online payment 
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Expanding audience & spreading good reputation

Feedback & customers review are essential for any restaurant, we made sure to showcase clients' testimonials to help visitors learn about what to expect of ordering Damsino food on the website.

  • User-Friendly interfaces
  • SEO Optimised
  • Fast loading

A screenshot of Clients reviews on their website
A screenshot of a food Gallery on Damsino's website

Post Service Support 

Our journey doesn't end when delivering the project. We care of how the client has benefits the website. That's why we provided:

  • Tutorial video & Manuals for website management
  • 6-Month Free support 
  • Website maintenance