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E-Shop & WEB Development

BlmenNada is a flowers shop in Germany that arranges flowers and decorations according to clients request. Having a website with an E-shop is an elevating step for the shop that distinguishes it among other local shops, and provides a better customer experience, where they can view and order online. 

Saale, Germany
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Blumen Nada Flowers Shop in Germany homepage
A screenshoot of Blumen Nada's E-Shop & cart
The Solution

A customised Website with an E-Shop 

The website we implemented for BlumenNada delivers a seamless user experience. Browsing the website, the user can view all products, choose between packages, and add what they prefer to their cart and check out. The easy process provides users with the ability to access and order at any time with full knowledge of cost and delivery. In addition to checking the newest products, featured products, new offers, and customising their own bouquets.

 Online payment
Streamlined Purchase Processes 
 Customized Orders​
 Business Growth

Easy Order, Higher Sales.

What matters the most to a shop owner like BlumenNada, is providing their clients with a better experience so their purchases can be more convenient and easy-to-access. This is the result that we aimed to provide to our client, and the promise we delivered. With their admin control panel, they are able to:

  • Add/ edit/ view products 
  • Set new offers, and featured products
  • Manage & Track Sales orders

Bluemn Nada products on their website
A screenshot of Blumen Nada's services page

Post Service Support 

Our journey doesn't end when delivering the project. We care of how the client has benefits the website. That's why we provided:

  • Tutorial video & Manuals for website management
  • 6-Month Free support 
  • Website maintenance