The Impossible Does Not Exist

DastN vision is to inaugurate digitalization to support the growth of companies and individuals, to be the substance of their success, through amalgamate our modern solutions and ideas.

Privacy Policy

In DastN, we believe in people


Data safety is a high priority for us in DastN. Therefore, we use developed security technologies that assure data preservation and a safe framework for our users and customers. Also, we encourage...

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Customer Support

One of the strongest points we

Customer Service

Our customer service strategy aims to always exceed our customer


Although more and more corporations include diversity in their business plans, one major group has been left out: people with disabilities. This issue is accruing due to several barriers that studies...

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DastN aims to invest its expertise, capabilities, and resources to achieve higher levels of socio-economic development.The company will consequently support students and recent graduates to develop...

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 The world has a more precise picture than ever before of the crises in our climate and our natural world, which requires more serious efforts to ensure that we pass on a planet fit to live in...

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DastN has developed a Non-discrimination policy to provide a comfortable work environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, without any discrimination of any kind based on...

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DastN strives to assist students and graduates to apply their previous experience and the theories learned during their study for a successful future career. This mutually beneficial relationship...

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Evaluation And Experience

DastN is an open-source company, seeking to add a new value to the education section by helping to shape future employers and employees by giving them the right foundations.We are aiming to establish...

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We believe that human resources are one of the most significant factors of a company


The best investment a company could use is human mind innovation, In DastN, we strive to provide the required environment to embrace innovation. Whether with providing the appropriate tools, or...

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Our investors' strategy aims to strengthen our employees in the first place, to be the first shareholders in the company. We do believe in their abilities to grow, and it is our responsibility to...

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The IT business field is one of the most participatory fields in business, and we can see that clearly through many successful collaboration examples. As an IT company, we are open to any partnership...

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Open Source

DastN adopts open-source software as it positively impacts the quality and development of technology itself.  The willingness to publish our sources require establishing policies that will...

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We believe that people should spend their energy on creative and strategic tasks that are more rewarding and offer better value to the organization. Therefore, we apply the automation strategy in...

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The primary industry we operate in is the IT industry which we aim to grow in and grow it by integrating technology with daily human tasks. This integration aims to facilitate everyday life, give...

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In the context of supporting the community and being more engaged with our customers and society's needs, we will be available and contributors in all events and activities related to community...

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