The Impossible Does Not Exist

DastN vision is to inaugurate digitalization to support the growth of companies and individuals, to be the substance of their success, through amalgamate our modern solutions and ideas.

privacy policy , privacy strategy

Privacy Policy

In DastN, data protection is one of the priorities that the company achieves to ensure trust and credibility in the work.Data is collected from customers either through the site or by asking them to...

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safety strategy for data preservation


Data integrity is a high priority at DastN.As it uses high-level security technologies that ensure data preservation and a secure framework for users and customers.DastN has set out a clear approach...

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customer support strategy

Customer Support

DastN employs its customer care department care service technologies and becomes more efficient.✓  DastN provides customer support personnel with the skills to respond and resolve customer...

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Customer Service strategy

Customer Service

✓ customer service strategy aims to always exceed customer’s expectations, to achieve customer satisfaction, from the first time, and respond to customer’s inquires efficiently, even if this...

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disability strategy , hiring disabilities


✓  DastN focuses its efforts to overcome the issues of exclusion of groups of people with disabilities by providing them with job opportunities.✓  Also, DastN encourage its employees to...

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community development , community strategy


✓  DastN aims to invest its expertise, capabilities, and resources to achieve higher levels of socio-economic development.✓  DastN supports students and recent graduates to develop...

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environment support strategy , saving the natural world


✓  DastN plays an important role in responding to global climate crises by restricting digital transactions to reduce paper usage as much as possible. "Paper usage in DastN is zero."✓...

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Non-Discrimination strategy , respect all


DastN has developed a Non-discrimination policy to provide a comfortable work environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, without any discrimination of any kind based on...

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Internship, training strategy


DastN strives to assist students and graduates to apply their previous experience and the theories during their study for a successful future career.

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Evaluation And Experience strategy , helping business and employees to grow

Evaluation And Experience

✓  DastN is an open-source company, seeking to add a new value to the education section by helping to shape future employers and employees by giving them the right foundations.✓  also...

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recruitment process, employees strategy


✓  Human resources are one of the most important factors for the success of the company, so the recruitment process is subject to the strategy of training and qualifying new employees and...

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Innovation , development culture


✓ DastN's best investment is in the innovation of the human mind by providing the needed support to innovators to properly implement their ideas.

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integration , Accessibility , implementation


 DastN's data integration strategies help discover solutions intelligently and efficiently, implement, connect, and connect to business systems and platforms .

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Investors,new opportunities


The big priority in DastN is to strengthen and support its employees, so it always works to attract highly qualified and unique people with academic and professional capabilities.This type of...

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partnership strategy , collaboration strategy


 DastN is concerned with collaboration, not competitiveness because it respect the effort spend on each business to grow and seek to support it. In other words, DastN is open to partnering with...

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Open Source, open source software

Open Source

DastN adopts open-source software as it positively impacts the quality and development of technology itself.

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Automation, short time services


Automation has become one of the biggest challenges in the business world because of what it provides for facilitating and accelerating work. Therefore, the company follows the automation strategy to...

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Industry strategy , integrate technology


DastN does not only provide services and solutions in the technology industry, but also includes other industries in its strategy. It provides services and solutions to all industries with unique...

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Engagements strategy ,social cases


✓ DastN works on attending each event that concerns the technology development or supports social cases for a good cause like health, environment, women...etc.✓  it offers an unique...

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