An easy-to-use, flexible and customizable ERP application that suits your company's needs and works regularly. You will get the best expectations through its multiple menus and the many options available.


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An easy-to-use, flexible and customizable ERP  that suits your company's needs and works regularly. You will get the best expectations through its multiple menus and the many options available.


Technical info:

Programing languages and frameworks used: PHP 8.0, SQL, Mysql, Javascript, jQuery, Laravel 8.54

Used Chatify for internal massaging in the ERP system.

Interface design considers web standards in the final design: CSS3, HTML5 and Responsive Design.

Support Arabic/English and many other languages.

MySQL Version 5.6 or higher.

More accurate vision:

1-In the dashboard, you will find what helps human resources in setting schedules for training carried out by employees and all information about training times starting and ending with recording all notes about each employee and trainer

You will also get tables in which you will collect statistics about the completed training, the active one and the total jobs

From another perspective, you will find a place in the dashboard to record everything related to projects and tasks with an overview and total expenses

2-Website dashboard:

Through this option, you will be able to get a unique dashboard for customers and partners with a dashboard for project inputs, through which you will be able to identify the Supervisor of the project with all the information about it


Here you will be able to manage users and customers and get the ability to see your profile in the company

You can also manage roles and see permissions


In this list, you can add and see each product and its selling price with taxes

You can also add and view electronic services with the sale and purchase price


In this option, you will get the ability to manage transaction stages, sources, and classifications with contract type.

You can also manage the work of pipelines and track them with sales and work methods, put contracts with all their information into tables with a start and end date, get the feature to reply by name, and manage bullets and record them as open, submitted, revised or drafted.


In this menu, you will be able to manage your projects and display a particular schedule for each project

You will also get a task schedule that you can fill in with the start and end date, get management in error reporting and card view.

You will be able to manage the tracker through tables that you can fill in with your information.

You can also manage all phases of the project in tables with the management of error cases in the project


In the comprehensive human resources management, you will get several departments, including employee management, employee salary, payslips, leave, aggregate attendance management, assessment management, indicator management, training, trainer, job management, job application management, archive application management, job management on Board the plane, management in the question assigned to the interview and management of interview schedules.

You will find all these departments in lists that you can fill in tables with your information

You can also control job promotion, short trips, warnings, complaints, holidays, important events, holidays, announcements, documents, and you can view the company's policy


Here in the accounts, you can manage several sections, including customers, vendors, suggestions, bank accounts and bank balance transfer, invoices, returns, credit notices, payments, debit notes management and chart of accounts management.

You can also enter a journal account, ledger summary, balance sheet and trial balance, set a timeline and goal for everything you want, and enter reports with their details and taxes.


Here you will find a place of communication from which you will receive messages of support from users

10-Zoom Meeting:

Here you can manage Zoom calls by entering the duration of the Meeting of the client used in the project, the duration of the joining, and many more options.


You can message all users and receive messages. You will also get the feature of saving important messages


You can see the list of emails sent and received by you


You will have the ability to manage plans in all aspects by entering your information about the plan and seeing it


Here you can receive orders for products from the website with complete management of orders


In this menu, you will be able to fully manage the work by getting settings and the ability to change them.

Why choose it:

Think of the  ERP system as the brain of your company's technology system. In the human body, the brain controls all areas of your body, directs what to do, and makes sure they are all working together. The human body cannot function without the brain, and enterprises cannot function without a proper ERP system. Integrate all aspects of your business, including product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. By synchronizing all these areas, enterprises can gain visibility, and increase productivity and operational efficiency.

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