Electronic library


Integrated groups believe in different electronic sources such as balanced educational programs and research.

Contribute to the organization of electronic information for information to facilitate its use easily and speed.

Various information services are provided to users in direct and indirect methods

 Learn users to use the electronic library and how to take advantage of their services and information and set up a training program for each user.

The electronic library cooperates with institutions and individuals to develop them.

 Contains a uniform search engine, enables multiple search and browsing, clearly characterized by library location and understanding.


1. Simple & Easy to Use


2. Increased Library Engagement


3. Efficient Cloud Data Management


4. Highly Secure, Scalable & Reliable


5. Mobile Access


6. Dynamic Reports


7. Error-free


8. Innovation


Why choose it:

This library can be used for the abundance of its overall information and given its features worldwide, it is used as the best system for information and conservation.

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