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Manage and scale your relationships with customers, Collect customer interactions, improve customer experience and retention, get detailed analytics, get consistent communication both with customers and within your company, and more through one place, DastN's CRM!

A fully customizable CRM capable of dynamic design with colours, looks, and logos that suit your business; here, you can add and track goals and add your projects and customer information in an accurate, practical, and valuable view. Everything you need to manage your customer relationships and succeed with them in various business tasks, you will find it here in DastN's CRM system.


Technical info:

Programing languages and frameworks used: PHP 8.0, SQL, Mysql, Javascript, jQuery, Laravel 8.54

Used Chatify for internal massaging in the ERP system.

Interfaces design do consider web standard in the final design: CSS3, HTML5 and Responsive Design.

Support Arabic/English and many other languages.

MySQL Version 5.6 or higher.

Deep insight into CRM:

CRM contains the following sections:


-Admin dashboard:

Through this option, you can view the assignments of employees and projects at all stages and see the profits while monitoring the work completion times of employees. This option will also enable employees to request vacations 

-Private dashboard:

Through this option, you will be able to view the profile of each employee and the hour he entered and finished work. You will also be able to see the tasks he performed


Here you can add potential clients with ID names and companies created after tracking agent status

-In the lead form, you can add the customer's email, status, name, company name and mobile phone number. You can also email him through messages

-In the import menu, you can upload files (the file must be of type: Xls, Xlsx, CSV, txt.), and you will get a row of addresses for each file you upload

-In the Export menu, you can export the files you have downloaded to CRM


You will be able to add employees with their ID names and email with the status of creation and procedure

-Inside the client import menu, you can upload files (the file must be of type: Xls, Xlsx, CSV, txt.) For each file, you will get headlines

You can download the file directly after you enter the data


You can add leave for employees through the HR section with start and end dates. You can download the file after typing it and entering the information. For employees, you can add names and emails with status and actions. You can also see the identity of each employee, along with the date and type of leave. Make for each employee a unique table in which you will find all the information and annual and monthly evaluations, leaving a note


This option enables you to see the CIN number with the amount, start and end date

You can also add new projects and the deadline for submitting members with customer status

You will be able to enter the ID name, project due date and recorded hours

You will also get tables for recording employees' working hours with start and end dates and total working hours


Through this menu, you will be able to create an offer by entering the ID name and the total date in effect until the case is made

You can also create an estimate by entering your customer ID

Create invoices, get recurring invoices, record project invoices for clients, and save dates.

In addition to this, you can record project invoices with the amount paid in the case action and invoice identification number and record credit notices with dates and invoice names.

You will get tables for recording employee purchases with all the information related to them and the names of expenses.


With this option, you will see the product image, including all taxes. The customer can purchase the product, and you can also download the purchase and invoice file once the data is written.


Through this option, you can record customer requirements with all data about the customer and the date of the order


Through this option, you can get a table where you can create a ticket and record the suspended tickets with the total number of tickets and tickets that have been resolved. The table includes the applicant's name, ticket type and number.


Through this option, you can create important events that occurred in the company or employees with a start and end date


Here you can communicate with all team members and write to them

Notice Board:

Here you can add new notifications with the start and end date and to whom you will send the notification

Knowledge Base:

Here you can add a new knowledge base

Task Report:

You can add project information, due date, project status, and tasks. You can also record total profits, financial reports and expenses with the grant date. You can view the dashboard, the administrator and everything related to the expenses and payments in the company with all the reports.


Through this list, you will get all the information about the company, such as its name, address, website, email and phone number.

You will also get profile settings, employee settings, and notification settings.

Why choose it:

It is challenging for businesses to identify and acquire customers, but with the help of our CRM, you can segment your customers and manage your communications with them. Besides that, you have an integrated management system that will keep your workflow efficient and leave you with high productivity levels at the end of the month. 

When your business enters its rapid growth phase, it can be easy for valuable potential customers to fall through the cracks — after all, friction is a natural consequence of business growth.

But an all-in-one CRM platform like DastN's CRM can eliminate that friction because it's built with your customers and the customer experience in mind it focuses everything you do around your customers.

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