Website Creation and Integration
Building your own website is now an essential need for your business, as well as web integration which involves the process of connecting all the outputs of all activities and components that are essential for carrying out the web project as a whole. As with system integration, the solution supplied by DastN is neither a commodity, nor a box product. Rather, it involves service delivery, frequently on a long-term basis, which is closely connected with business processes and can impact your business or functioning for many years to come. Like the search for employees and partners, selecting a web integrator does not solely depend on your precisely defined requirements, but on mutual understanding too. “Choosing the right partner determines the level of success of your project”. DastN can guarantee its clients that the project will comply with the agreed specifications, after following 4 basic steps: (recommendation: use charts) 1-Registering your domain name that reflects your products or services so that your customers can easily find your business through a search engine. 2-Finding a web hosting company, that offers you a convenient hosting solution (also one of DastN’s services). 3-Preparing your content, that is your milestone. 4-Build your website.

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