Forum basically allows groups of people with similar interests to collaborate and work together online. It is more of a messenger, made particularly for teams, organizations, classes, or other groups. In a web forum, group members use user interface to interact with each other. It allows collaboration and discussion amongst the group members. A popular use case for this type of group is discussion of assignments if you are working together on projects for business users. What kinds of forums are there? 1-Discussion: Discussion forums are the most traditional type of forum. After a forum thread is initiated, other members can respond and keep the conversation going. Enter text into the reply field and click the post button to participate. 2-Question (Q&A): The Q&A format presents the initial thread post as a question, requesting responses. It gives respondents a reply field and a Suggest as answer check box. When you check the Suggest as answer box, it tells the author of the question that you think you can answer their question. (How helpful of you!) The 'asker' can accept the suggested answer, which will be promoted to a verified answer, or demote a suggested answer back to a response. 3-Both Q&A and Discussion: Both Q&A and traditional discussions are enabled for this type of forum thread. Benefits of Online Internet Forum website: (you can use bullets here) A unique way of Promoting business. Increase traffic through repeat visitors. Community building Capture email address and details of posters. Build relationship with visitors Interacting with your customers and prospects Gain more creditability Fresh contents and information on your site. Your forum doesn’t have to be a standalone entity. It can also form a key part of your existing or new online collaboration tool. Nowadays online forum plays a major role in promotion of websites, and are said good as per SEO. To sum up, using each type of the above facilitates communication between your team members, increases collaboration through projects, freshen up info on your website, and promote your business

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