Physicists uncover secrets of world's thinnest superconductor

Physicists from across three continents report the first experimental evidence to explain the unusual electronic behavior behind the world's thinnest superconductor, a material with myriad applications because it conducts electricity extremely efficiently. In this case the superconductor is only an atomic layer thick.

Until now, most physicists thought that it would be impossible to detect or measure spin excitations in a material only an atomic layer thick. That is the remarkable achievement of the work reported in Nature Communications. Not only did the physicists detect spin excitations, but, among other things, they also showed that the spin dynamics in the ultra-thin sample were dramatically different from those in the bulk sample. Specifically, the energy of the fluctuating spins in the ultra-thin sample was much higher by a factor of four or five than the energy of the spins in the bulk sample.


Quoted from PHYS.ORG official website, May 27th, 2021

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