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Our incubating programs differ according to each project. We offer support in many forms: Consulting, mentoring, prototype creation, and other services, and co-funding for technology-related projects.

Also, we deal with promoting start-ups, emphasizing establishing new companies, scaling the businesses, prototyping, patenting, and so forth.

If this kind of support is what you miss for your project, don t hesitate to reach us and figure out more details.

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DastN’s internship programs are designed to make interns contribute real work; they are treated as team members and valued as individuals. DastN’s interns will get recognized for their work and will have credit for the projects they helped execute. With series of dedicated mentors to help them grow and get the most out of their internship. We are trying to give a memorable experience for our interns combining real-world projects and excellent company culture.

Discover our programs, and pick up the one that fits you.

Sales Representative internship

Sales Representative internship

The purpose of this internship whether it is a mandatory or voluntary internship is to prepare students during their studies to enter the world of business by providing a thorough understanding of the Sales Representative job including theoretical and practical application of attained knowledge. 

The program is intended to furnish you with an incredible experience so that you can visualize a career with DastN.


3 – 6 months


In office \ Remotely


Full time\ Part Time

You will learn by supporting the team the following tasks

  • Processing client inquiries; and negotiate prices and delivery times.
  • Promote and sell the DastN's products and services within an assigned geographic
  • area, product range, or list of client accounts to meet or exceed sales targets.
  • Assess client needs and suggest appropriate products and services.
  • Identify, research, and contact prospective clients; build positive relationships and
  • convince them with our solutions and convert them into satisfied existing clients
  • Overseeing the sales process from offer to successful end of the process
  • Maintenance of the clients’ base and implementation of measures to acquire new
  • clients.
  • Documentation of sales activities and regular update of clients documents.
  • Create presentations, offers, proposals and support our management with pre- and
  • post-sales tasks.
  • Refer sales leads, client feedback, and information on competitor activity to
  • appropriate contacts within the organization so that they can respond to changing
  • market conditions and client demands.
  • Participation in exhibitions and conferences

You should own :

  • Pursuing a BS or MS degree in the field of business administration, economics or in the IT environment, e.g. business informatics, project management etc.
  • Fluent in German and English (Any additional language is an advantage)
  • Negotiation skills, confident behaviour and strong communication skills.
  • We will be glad if you already have knowledge of the sales process and sales tools
  • (CRM)
  • We will appreciate and value your extensive and up-to-date knowledge of web
  • presence and IT Solution.
  • Persuasive and positive charisma
  • Ability to travel
  • creative solutions thinker; detail oriented and flexible.


You will get :

Get to know how "real work" feels.
Development and training opportunities.
Provides the possibility to work with us after internship according to your skills.

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We’re running different trainee programs within DastN company; you will get an excellent opportunity to kick off your career with us, meet inspiring colleagues, create a global internal network, and develop your personal competence while having access to a massive amount of data. As a trainee, we will provide you with mentors to train you and give you the required navigation tools. Check out those trainee programs and choose the one you belong to.


If you seek to work in a comfortable environment, which motivates accomplishment and success, and looking for a place that gives you more than a paycheck. Then congratz! You just found it.

Find out your chance to be one of DastN’s team, check the vacancies we have offered and see if you have what it takes. Join us and enjoy a great experience where you can improve your knowledge and share your experience

UX UI designer , UX UI job , UX UI vacancy

UX/UI designer

The designer will be working on web projects.

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Backend developer , backend developer vacancy , backend job opportunity

Back-end Developer

The developer will be collaborating with a team of developers and UX designers to create a PHP-based web application.

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python developer , python job opportunity

Python developer

A Python developer will write efficient and scalable code, design and implement robust applications, debug applications to ensure low latency and high availability, integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic while implementing security and data protection as well as accommodate various data storage solutions.

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Having a convenient work environment helps employees to perform efficiently and improve their productivity and creativity. In DastN, we are developing an enterprise environment that integrates the physical environment, company culture, and working conditions in business growth and benefit for all. Discover our daily work activity and make yourself at home.

the new normal environment , best work environment to increase efficiency

The New-Normal environment

The most productive environment is the one that adjusts to the prevailing conditions, preserving its balance and productivity. We aim to develop our work environment on an ongoing basis to efficiently fulfill our goals.

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ideal employee , best employee selection, achievement measurement system

Ideal employee selection

The ideal employee's selection is a work environment system in DastN that aims to Appreciate and reward the ideal employee in the company Encourage DastN's employees to develop their performance and commitment to all business rules to increase production efficiency and more ..

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training system, employees training , DastN internal training system

DastN training system

The concept of professional training and development is a process of implementing and following up on organized training .DastN provides through its training system many training programs aimed at enabling the employee to focus on scientific and administrative trends and technological innovation

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the 8th of March, women's day

“ she “ is included

On the 8th of March, the world celebrates International Women's Day, which is celebrated to achieve gender equality and appreciate all it offers consciously and responsibly to build a prosperous future.

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DastN's internal training, employees training

Internal training system

Here in DastN, we care about training employees and developing their work skills well, but this periodic training happens only once if the employee fails in exceeding it. In return, we strive to maintain employee performance. We also have training for new partnerships. Whenever we enter into a partnership with a new company, training is held for employees for the tariff In their products and how to benefit from them in the field of work and this type of training is only cognitive.

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Out of our social responsibility, we always aim to contribute to community service in different forms. Sharing our work is not meant to brag but to encourage others to be socially responsible. We see this part of our company as the connection between business and humanity, and we indeed enjoy it

Test community service

Out of our social responsibility, we always aim to contribute to community service in different forms. Sharing our work is not meant to brag but to encourage others to be socially responsible.

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Trademark registration across Europe

<p>The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has approved the registration of our logo and tagline trademark across the European Union.<br>This tremendous honour for us came as a result of DastN's reputation and the stature of its services to others in the European Union<br>We at DastN share with you this wonderful event, and here we invite you to view the registration on our <a href="">Imprint</a> page on the website<br>check this out!</p>




DastN is also your gate to the world. Check out what is up-to-date in the world. We bring all that matters to you right in front of you, what’s discussed in the press, what’s new, and how this impacts you. All on one website!


We simply love to share our news with you!

In this section, you can find out what’s new in DastN: Our projects, our services and solutions, our partners, offers, and the latest updates we add to our company. We’re excited to know you’re feedback, and we really appreciate it.

Austral Group , academic travel, experiential learning

Austral Group collaboration

The Austral Group is dedicated to academic travel, experiential learning, and online education.They have offered international immersion programs for...

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Rice university collaboration

Rice is a community of curious thinkers, passionate dreamers, and energetic doers who believe that improving the world requires more than bold...

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As we follow modern technology, we are always among the first to know new technologies and learn new hits. Therefore, If you’re a tech-lover, then our newsletter is your best choice to catch up with all scoops, breaking news, latest blogs, new projects, and business news.

You can subscribe to our newsletter, and we will notify you of all updates.

More than half of Europeans want to replace lawmakers with AI, study says
Researchers at IE University s Center for the Governance of Change asked 2,769 people from 11 countries worldwide how they would feel about reducing the number of national...

IT companies, Strict EU Guideline
New stricter European Union guidelines will push Facebook, Google, and other big tech companies to commit not to make money from advertising linked to disinformation.The European...


A team of professionals picks up various topics that may interest you and prepare unique blogs to keep you always engaged with the new practices, new inventions, and initiated discussions. Pick up your favorite topics and exploit your free time to improve your knowledge.

business, revolution, pandemic

Are businesses ready for a new revolution?

Who wasn t fascinated the first time watched the  Back to the Future  movie? Or wasn t astonished by AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the popular movie  Her ?You might have thought...

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social media, social connection

The beloved face of social media

How many smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smart home devices does your household own?The middle answer will be 2 to 5 devices.Does each device has access to the internet? That is a question we...

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technology , information revolution

Technology is as old as mankind!

In today s world, we are exposed to technology in most of our daily life: Our houses, workplaces, transportation, and all life facilities!. Most people just enjoy the technology they use, but if you...

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inventions , discovery

9 Inventions that will blow your mind

Humans were always able to outperform themselves, as a reason that we re living in a highly advanced technology world. You ve of course experienced a moment of shock at least a couple of times in...

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website , web design

How can your website speak of you?

One one the best ways to back your business is to build a trustworthy brand that is recognizable, differentiated, and unique. Many businesses tend to invest huge budgets on social media, billboards,...

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reading print , printer , digital print

Digital VS Print! Which is better?

The difference between reading Digitally and reading print is the same difference between taking in the landscape from the window of a speeding car instead of taking a slow walk along the same route....

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open source , open software

Why Open-Source? Open-source software advantages and security

The common simple definition of open-source software is software whose source code is published and made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the source code...

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wordpress , web design

What do you need to know about the famous WordPress!

What is WordPress?The most popular open-source website building software that powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. WordPress is used to create any type of website, blogs, e-commerce...

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SEO , Search Engine Optimization

SEO, the magical channel for your online marketing success   

Are you one of those people who work online?  You've probably sent your resume to dozens and hundreds of places that require freelancers (marketing departments, copywriters, content...

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Facebook , sound effects , sound features

Facebook can sing now

A new audio feature has been created for Facebook users in response to those interested in the club that allows them to host live audio discussions.Also launched for public figures, creators and...

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wordpress , open-sourc builder

What is Wordpress ?

WordPress is an open-source and free application that anyone can use and modify. WordPress began in 2003 when Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg forked a little-known blogging tool known as B2/catalog....

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static website , dynamic website

Static or Dynamic ?

 There is a big difference between the types of sites, as each site has advantages, disadvantages, and a design method. We will learn about that through this Static websites This type...

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Wordpress benefits , why choosing wordpress

How WordPress distinguishes you ?

As we know that WordPress is one of the best platforms for designing websites and its popularity is expanding all over the world. Most companies rely on it in designing their websites, because of its...

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php , node js , backend

php VS nodejs

Within the programming world, Node.JS and PHP are among the most important programming languages used. They are distinguished by their ability to manage any application of any kind of complexity, and...

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branding , brand

let your brand always stand out

In this blog, we will talk about two common words in our practical life without knowing the difference between brand and branding The brand is one of the most important foundations that the...

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Promotional items , Brand's products

Brand promotional Items

Promotional products are company-branded merchandise that you can use in your marketing and communications programs. It is also your one-stop shop for promotional products and corporate...

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<a href=''>Robot hand photo created by -</a>

The Robotic revolution

What are the features of robots? One thing is clear: robotics and artificial intelligence technologies play a vital role in this transitional phase of our daily lives: logistics, manufacturing,...

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<a href=''>Sync vector created by storyset -</a>

Data migration

What is Data migration? Data migration moves data from one storage system to another and between data formats and applications. In general, data migration transfers existing historical data to a...

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<a href=''>Film icon vector created by macrovector -</a>

What is Motion Graphics? Tools and Benefits

What is motion graphics? Motion design is a discipline that applies graphic design principles to film and video production using animation and visual effects. By animating graphics and creating...

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<a href=''>Chatbot vector created by macrovector -</a>

Small talk about chatbot

What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a software or a computer program that simulates human conversation or "small talk" through text or voice interactions. Through advanced AI programming and machine...

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<a href=''>Internet addiction vector created by vectorjuice -</a>

Friendly URL for everyone!

URLs are a globally recognized engine of resources on the World Wide Web for Text files and web pages. This address is used by writing directly to the address bar of your web browser. Most people who...

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<a href=''>Video tutorial vector created by vectorjuice -</a>

UX\UI design world

What is UX\UI? User interface design aims to visually guide the user through the product's interface. Good user interface design helps engage users and provides a pleasant experience for the...

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<a href=''>Business process vector created by freepik -</a>

CRM systems

What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a software that helps companies manage, track, and organise customer relationships. Copper CRM software is a tool for building and...

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<a href=''>Video editor vector created by pch.vector -</a>

Animation design storytelling

Animation design is the art of creating animated films, TV shows or games using computer graphics. Animation designers create realistic images such as characters or objects through various...

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<a href=''>Blockchain vector created by -</a>

The wide world behind the blockchain

What is Blockchain Technology? A blockchain is a digital ledger of recurring transactions distributed in a blockchain network of computer systems. A blockchain is a digital platform for...

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<a href=''>Marketing campaign vector created by vectorjuice -</a>

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns, in general, are a coordinated and organized group of activities that mainly aim to promote or sell a product or service. The marketing campaign uses a set of means to reach the...

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<a href=''>Mobile development vector created by vectorjuice -</a>

Stand out across a wide range of features and technologies involved in CMS!

What is a content management system? A Content Management System, often abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and edit website content without the need for specialized...

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<a href=''>Flat design vector created by freepik -</a>

A trip to ERP

What is an enterprise management system? Often referred to as a class of business management software, ERP is typically a set of integrated applications that organizations can use to collect,...

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<a href=''>Mobile marketing vector created by storyset -</a>

Social media marketing

What is social media marketing? Social Media Marketing (SMM), also known as Online Marketing or Internet Marketing, is a form of promotional marketing that encompasses several disciplines,...

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<a href=''>Website menu vector created by storyset -</a>

eCommerce between online marketing platforms and eCommerce websites

What are the reasons why e-commerce is important? There are many reasons why an eCommerce website is important for a small business, one of the reasons is that it allows you to reach more...

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<a href=''>Data report vector created by storyset -</a>

Data Fabric architecture

What is a Data Fabric? A data fabric combines architecture and technology designed to simplify the complex management of many different types of data using multiple database management systems...

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<a href=''>Machine learning vector created by vectorjuice -</a>

Artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity

What is the reason for the emergence of artificial intelligence, and what is its purpose? Today, many companies offer machine learning-based products that detect and defend against malware,...

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<a href=''>Industrial robot vector created by macrovector -</a>

Quantum computing, a rich informative gossip

What do quantum computers do? Quantum and classical computers try to solve problems, but there are fundamental differences in processing data to get answers. Quantum computers make calculations...

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<a href=''>Ai technology vector created by freepik -</a>

RPA technology concept

What is(RPA)? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a business process automation technology that uses software bots to automate tasks performed by humans. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a...

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<a href=''>Family laptop vector created by pch.vector -</a>

Internet of behaviour, IoB

What are IoB and IoT?  A behavioural internet approach to linking our data to our decisions requires changing the cultural and legal norms we established before the Internet and the...

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<a href=''>Team isometric vector created by macrovector -</a>

Flanker and Fight Brand Strategy

Meaning of the Flanker brand The Flanker trademark, also known as the Fighter trademark, is a new product introduced to the market by a company in the same category as the already known...

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<a href=''>Child phone vector created by pch.vector -</a>

Assistive Technology (At)

What are Assistive technology services and technology devices? Assistive technology services are any direct, broad assistance that includes all assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices...

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<a href=''>Disability vector created by vectorjuice -</a>

Improving the Employment of People with Disabilities through Accessible Technologies

How can accessible technologies help people with disabilities succeed in the workplace? Assistive Technology (AT) is any item, device, program, or product system used to augment, maintain, or...

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Our technology club is created to gather different experts and tech-savvies with tech-lovers in one learning-friendly environment to exchange knowledge and ideas, with the possibility to develop ideas into promising projects. Joining our clubs will give you the support you need and broaden your horizon. 

Cybersecurity for applications and institutions. Types, importance, and challenges .

Cyber Security, E-Immune System

Cybersecurity is facing the most severe type of challenges, as it dictates all the work that individuals do through electronic networks. How dangerous is the penetration of application security?

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metaverse , the visual reality , new social connection

The MagicVerse !

In the previous days, everyone was surprised when Facebook launched a new name for its social networking company " META" This new name revealed a coming stage in which communication will have a different form How do you imagine the world then?

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students  community , learning club , business and technology club

DastN Technology club (DTC)

DTC is a community of students from all backgrounds and skill levels interested in learning about and promoting the intersection of business and technology. It is essential to understand the collaboration between the businesses and technology in today's world to propose new and efficient business-technology solutions to an organization.

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