Technology is as old as mankind!

In today s world, we are exposed to technology in most of our daily life: Our houses, workplaces, transportation, and all life facilities!. Most people just enjoy the technology they use, but if you are interested in how we ended up like this, then keep reading.

Let s start with the origin of the term  technology , the term came from the Greek word  techne  which means art and craft. The term was used to describe applied arts, but now it is widely used to describe advancements around us. You should know that technology is not confined to robots and the internet in the modern age, technology starts with the beginning of life on earth, and proceed until modern technology like computers, the internet, and nuclear power. We can define the era of technology when the wheel was invented, the very first important technology has invented, and after that, more and more inventions came to the light.

History considers the main era of technology came in the 18th century with the start of the industrial revolution when plenty of machines got invented with huge development and production. By the mid-18th century, Britain was the leading commercial nation, but the real development of trade and business advancement was caused by the business of  East India Company, which in turn caused the industrial revolution. The new inventions helped more people to invent more and more, technology has made it more possible, with the assist of humans in traveling to new places, discovering the world and communicating with each other, new invention reached other humans who could develop it.

Down to the late 20th century, the internet was invented, people faced a new high level of communication, where they could communicate easily, more exciting technologies were stacked onto each other and developed into even more exciting things. Technology has become faster, more reachable, and more able to get work done.

With technology, the deeper we dig, the more we blend with physical and virtual worlds together. We may find it overwhelming sometimes, and the current generation is finding it hard to keep with the pace of advancement, but this is an effort that worth makes, adding value to our lives, helping us spend more time focusing on our human society and develop us to be the most refined specie.

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