Static or Dynamic ?

 There is a big difference between the types of sites, as each site has advantages, disadvantages, and a design method. We will learn about that through this 

Static websites 

This type of website is a static page or group of static pages linked together. The page is created as a file and saved on a computer or server When you need to change the HTML file, it must be reopened, edited, and saved. Since it does not use any development language like PHP, and the database is only updated by someone who has knowledge of how websites are developed who is the site programmer. Static sites are the cheapest to develop, but small businesses still use them. Its features are ease of updating and use, and it satisfies the wishes of all users. We also see new content that brings people to the site through search engines. This site can function as a collaborative system that enables employees or users to collaborate remotely. Like any type of website, it has its advantages and disadvantages that lie in one thing that needs expertise to be updated and developed, which means that it is implemented by developers only as opposed to dynamic websites.  

dynamic websites 

Dynamic sites are more complex than static sites because they use other languages ​​in addition to (XHTML and CSS), such as PHP and MySQL. News and events can be published on the site through the site's control panel called the administration area, through which the databases are easily updated and this allows the continuous addition and updating of the pages. Therefore, they are called dynamic websites. The site owner who is responsible for managing it can update the site data through a control panel that is always secured with a password known only to the site administrator. The content of these sites on the Internet is called "dynamic" because it can change without the intervention of the site administrator. Most of the websites visited today are dynamic websites, they are more popular and also have the advantages that they are cheap, fast to develop and hosting is cheap, you don't need to work on them much. They also have drawbacks: the cost of developing them is high and the cost of hosting is slightly higher than static sites. 

2021-11-26 06:11:21
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