Digital VS Print! Which is better?


The difference between reading Digitally and reading print is the same difference between taking in the landscape from the window of a speeding car instead of taking a slow walk along the same route.  Says Ziming Liu of San Jose State University during 2005 study. It s hard to avoid reading digital scripts in today s technology-driven world, but is this for better or worse?

Liu found that when we read digitally, we do more scanning and jumping around  looking for keywords to get as much information as possible in a short amount of time. In certain ways, digital reading is a less immersive experience than reading printed words. Scanning text is a nonlinear form of reading, when reading print we are doing a linear reading, which doesn t allow skipping or jumping which means we re engaged in deep reading. Deep reading allows for more immersion, as opposed to nonlinear reading. In fact, it's understandable that nonlinear reading may have an effect on comprehension. Another study was done by Anne Mangen of the University of Stavanger in Norway, where Anne asked 72 10th-graders, whom all possessed the same reading abilities, to study one narrative text and one expository text. Half the students read the texts in print, while the other half read the texts in PDF format on a 15-inch LCD screen. After studying the texts, the students were asked to take reading comprehension tests that consisted of short answer and multiple-choice questions, while using the text as an aid. The results showed a discrepancy between the test scores: Those who read the digital version of the text didn't perform as well as those who read the print versions.

In a 2014 joint study, Mangen teamed up with Nice-Sophia Antipolis University and Aix-Marseille University and had 50 adults read a 28-page mystery story. Some read the story in print while others read it digitally. Those who read the digital text had a more difficult time putting the plot events in chronological order, the study found. Through further studies, we could emphasize the same point: Paper readers were more efficient and had a better understanding of what they had read. Interestingly, this was only true of explanatory text and didn t apply to narrative text, which appeared to even the odds of comprehension. A book offers a more compartmentalized way of moving through the text; in the digital atmosphere, it's harder to put things into place.

But to be precise, none of their studies claims that digital reading is bad for your brain, just a difference of processing. It s important to say that in an age when digital technology is pervasive, sticking purely to print isn't the right answer. Learning how to balance nonlinear reading with deep reading could be a helpful exercise in maintaining our ability to read certain texts more closely.

2021-11-26 06:20:24
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