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In this blog, we will talk about two common words in our practical life without knowing the difference between brand and branding 

The brand is one of the most important foundations that the customer uses, and it expresses the value and quality of the product, through which a picture is formed in the customer’s mind about the name of your brand that falls under the product part, this product is not tangible, either it is a service, person or idea, it has levels such core benefits, actual products, and Augmented products. It brings many benefits such as the characteristics that accrue to the consumer and the personality of the brand with its evaluation. Here we can say that the brand is the marketing interface of the company. 

While branding, which is the main topic of the article, is a set of marketing methods that distinguish your company from competitors. We can also say that they are the plans that the company takes to have a clear identity for its brand. There are many options you have in it from colors, logos, and designs, which will return to you the confidence of customers and strength The name and brand of the company, and this is what is included in the two types of branding, namely brand loyalty and brand equity. Branding is one of the most important steps to create your own strong and effective brand. You will be able to choose the name of the brand, the logo, the style, and the behavior of employees with customers for your brand. You can also create personal branding and business case on the branding process. 

Here at DastN we focus and care on creating the best brand for your company through an advanced and sophisticated branding strategy. 

2021-11-26 06:09:09
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